Whatsapp Gold

Whatsapp gold What is it and What you can get with it? That are the most important questions about the new WhatsApp Gold.

Bright side if you get this message delete it immediately do you have whatsapp on your smartphone? if so, you are one of the 1 billion people who live in 180 countries and chose whatsapp as their communication platform. free calls and messages, photos videos and documents exchanged what can be wrong with it?

Well, scammers also like the most popular messaging application in the world and they have their own reasons every once in a while they came up with a new fraud strategy affecting whatsapp users they misuse the app to spread scams viruses and hoax messages with such a large number of people who love and trust the app they actually

Have a very high chance of getting a huge profit out of it brightside does not want you to be one of those people who, fall prey to online scammers in fact we want to stop it all together and you can contribute by not only watching this video yourself?

But sharing it with your friends and just everyone you know watch this video till the end to find out what dangerous message you should delete immediately and how to protect yourself from whatsapp scams give us a thumbs up if you agree it’s important to stay alert to keep your smartphone and bank details secure and it’s nearly ten years of history whatsapp Gold has become a target of scammers quite a few times if you have been with it for a while you probably remember some of them in spring 2016 for example whatsapp users, were invited to download the exclusive version of the app called whatsapp gold it promised future users the ability to send hundreds of pictures at once mo g’s video calling and super security features scammers said this app had been previously available only to celebrities so those who wanted to join the high society followed the link to the download page on the app website and got their mobile’s infected with malware that malware could steal data and track movements and activity of those using it later the same year

Scammers sent out messages offering 100 great britain pounds around 100 $30 gift vouchers for sands berries a chain of supermarkets in the uk messages, had malicious links in them following which helped criminals to collect personal data install tracking cookies and advertising browser extensions to the victims phones now please pay close attention to what we are about to tell you if you get the following message via whatsapp delete it immediately and don’t do what it wants you to your subscription has expired to verify your account and purchase a lifetime subscription for just point 99 great britain pounds

Simply tap on this link it might be put into slightly different words but the idea remains the same whatsapp wants you to pay for using it and it is officially a scam we know you want to keep whatsapp on your phone and you might be okay with paying that little amount of money for the joy? of it but please don’t do it instead disregard the message delete it and block the center why do many people believe it because if you have been using whatsapp for a few years you probably remember there used to be a subscription fee of around 99 cents however after whatsapp had been purchased by facebook it became free it is so since january 2016 and it is unlikely to change anytime soon why is following the link dangerous you might think paying those 99 cents is not going to do much harm to your budget well it is not what the criminals actually want from you?